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BMC - Universal Power of Sound Panel

  • I360 Lower Kings Road, Brighton BN1 2LN United Kingdom (map)

If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

Last year i started a panel called ‘The Power of Sound’ - this year we are back with another amazing line up and stepping things up a level with a talk called the ‘Universal Power of Sound’ at the BMC Brighton Music Conference, which takes place annually on the beach in Brighton.

See more info below:

Following on from last years packed discussion on how music can affect the world around us we are once bringing together forward thinking producers, sound designers and vibrational therapists to answer some of the questions around how frequency, sound and vibration can positively influence areas of our lives, personal evolution and the development of human consciousness.
A panel discussion will present views, facts and evidence on the power of sound as an energetic frequency in our world and throughout the universe. There are many strands of physics that are looking into the effects that different frequencies have on matter and how we can utilise this knowledge for the benefit of humanity.
During the discussion we will bring together thought leaders and experts who have used science, technology and ancient techniques to prove the effects of sound on the world around us and musicians who use different patterns of rhythm and frequency to effect peoples mind, body and emotions.
Goals of the discussion are:
• Debate the science around Cymatics and how frequency and vibration effect the physical world
• Discuss the effects on the human mind, body and emotions the different frequency ranges
• Debate the positive and negative stigma attached to music that does not fit into an entertainment category
• Discuss the technology available to assist people’s experience of music in new formats that could benefit their well-being (sensory rooms, audio visual, VR etc)
• Audience Q&A