Awakening the wisdom of the Divine Feminine


Elemental Resonance runs workshops and meditation classes using a beautiful series of Mandalas, which represent a unique series called 'Awakening the wisdom of the Divine Feminine.' These mandalas mirror aspects of our inner dimension, revealing hidden parts of ourselves that are now ready to be expressed.

‘Awakening the Wisdom of the Divine Feminine’ is a series which is presented in a set of 44 beautiful mandalas. The mandalas work in several ways as prayers and empowerments. They can be used individually or as a group for inspiration and guidance at any time during meditation sessions. During these workshops we work with sound to help clear the field before opening up to work with the mandalas, which help us to illuminate our intentions and motivate our deepest inspirations.

Drawn by the fine hands of Mark Golding. Golding expresses one part of his divine vision in this series of empowering feminine mandalas.



Golding, born in London, spent many years as a Buddhist monk and lived in a meditation centre for a number of years. After this a deeply profound experience brought him to a place in his life where he was guided to uncover an ancient spring in Hastings, East Sussex. Through deep transformational inner work he re-discovered streams and tributaries which eventually led him to the source of the water. The purification of this soulwork was reflected in the purification and connection with Mother Earth - as he re-birthed the spring in a magical healing place and allowed this crystal clear healing water to come through. His life work is about the creation of mandalas a 'medicine for the world' and we are very blessed to be able to working with these unique Divine Feminine mandalas. 


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