Awakening your Inner Vision - sound activation ceremonies


Elemental Resonance runs sound activations and meditation classes using a series of techniques to help bring you to a place of inner stillness and balance. These intimate and unique workshops are helpful in clearing our inner space and also for revealing hidden parts of ourselves that are now ready to be expressed.

These unique sound ceremonies are often scheduled around full and new moon - they are an immersive transformational experience using high vibrational acoustic sound, toning activation and colour therapy. These sessions allow you to take some time for yourself in a restorative mystical cocoon style space. Together we journey deep towards the inner cosmos of your unique soul, activating the body with mantra and sound at cellular level. We’ll align with the astrology of the day to see how these aspects maybe affecting us at the present time and also take these moments to reflect, look at the current opportunities and see where we can improve our dialogue with self and other relationships as we navigate through through these particular areas.

These sound sessions help you to return you back to your own natural harmonic resonance where you will feel lighter, clearer and more balanced. A perfect opportunity to take some ‘quality you time’ at the beginning of the week to connect in and meditate. These sessions can be transformational connecting all levels from root to crown, earth to sky… a beautifully held cosmic space @ The Mandrake Hotel, London.



 Images provided by EJ. All rights reserved.