The Cosmic White

So i decided to take myself out on a retreat to the Cosmic White for the whole month of February 2017. I didn't realise when embarking on this decision that this actual month would not only be the first time that i had experienced gargantuan amounts of snow - yes we are talking digging the way to the front door with a shovel having been out for just a few hours! Or indeed cover not one but two eclipses - the first being a lunar eclipse and the second being a solar eclipse, all in the month of February. So it was deemed by the universe that a whole array of cosmic entertainment would ensue. Each snowflake bringing down with it a message from the Cosmic Universe and a unique path of information that would soon be a part of the #cosmicwhite - a white carpet laid out like a banqueting table for a fine feast in nature. I had expected retreat, i had planned for retreat but not all the cosmic beauty, all golden bonuses! 

The snow allowed me to look at purity in its' most natural form, to look at reflection and clarity. When there is so much perfection in each unique snowflake it is a reminder that we as human beings are also a unique contribution to the universe and all that we have to contribute and offer.

When that snowflake hits the floor, it becomes part of a greater consciousness - a part of the cosmic white carpet that is the greater consciousness but each contributing its' own sparkle, its' own light to the carpet so to speak. The snow allows me to remember that we all have something to offer, something unique to contribute and yes to varying degrees, but there is something that is not to be forgotten that we are all connected and especially during these times of shifting global and political realities that we stand true to what we believe in and share amongst our people what is important to us all. That way we can find our global voice, share our truth and feel counted, remembering like the snowflake that we have our part to play in global consciousness, that we have our steps upon the planet like each and every other. 

That we are lucky to be sharing this truly relevant moment in time, a time for deeper awareness, a time for crafting our wares and sharpening our tools! So thank you Cosmic White for being the big white mirror and for bringing down from the Cosmic starry lunar solar eclipse awesome skies your knowledge - i heard you!