Eclipse Season

Hello everyone,

A call out to those who are really feeling this Eclipse month as we approach today's New Moon in LEO and a Total Solar Eclipse. This is also on the back of the Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse just two weeks ago. I know it's been super intense on lots of levels and this New Moon is the beginning and end of a cycle and a time for us to be really clear, have courage and do some digging. If we are able.

In the words of Jung "One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious." 

Eclipses show us where we eclipse ourselves. 

Where we aren't fully in our alignment or preventing ourselves to shine literally.

So if you feel inclined i encourage you to tap into these energies of the Eclipse to dig into asking yourself where are you blocking yourself? What is the shadow that needs to be enlightened within you? This isn't particularly easy work but if we have blocks, is it not best for us to address these? These are the questions we need to be asking ourselves. 

If we can learn to trust all that unsettles us and causes discomfort, with a deeper understanding that this discomfort dislodges places within us which are stuck. If we can ask the deeper questions which help to uncover the root of the hurt, pain, blocks that keeps us in our patterns and stories - then we can start to unravel and loosen up the knots. We can start to touch an inner freedom and uncover the jewels that are within each and everyone of us. To tap into an infinite love that exists within us that only we can find the key for. 

This is where the inner work and our own personal alchemy can create a real shift and we can step forward with more inner authority, confidence and alignment. Hard truths are not always what we wish to look at but more often lead to the most movement and growth in our life. 

I do hope you find this information useful, i'll be available for one to one sessions in London at the beginning of September if you are looking to tune yourself up.

Just send me a message and i can let you know available slots.

Cosmic Light as always

Tracie StoreyComment