Summer Fire & GDPR


“The thing about

chaos, is that while

it disturbs us,

it too, forces

our hearts to roar

in a way we

secretly find


- Christopher Poindexter

Well our inboxes have certainly been in chaos with all this GDPR stuff and Saturn (the taskmaster) is in Capricorn so we are following the new rules and regulations which went into effect on May 25, 2018. (I deliberately didn't send anything out on this date as I dislike rules and regulations!) However this new policy introduced by the EU government helps to protect our online data better known as GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)

We believe your data is of the utmost importance & we respect your privacy so your info is covered by the Elemental Resonance privacy policy which you can read in full here

Ok, so now onto more interesting things!


We have just finished the ‘Vibrate The Cosmos’ classes - a trinity of three classes in co-creation with the Kundalini Yoga Collective which took place at the beautiful Floatspa location in Hove. We started the sessions in February and combined Kundalini Yoga Kriya’s with Sound Harmonisation & meditation. These vibrational kriya’s really help us to work more deeply on our connection with both our inner & outer universe & allow us to see where we are at with ourselves & where we need to work on ourselves a bit more. The sound meditation part helps to support these inner shifts by using sound to harmonise after working with the more intense kriya’s. This unique collaboration was created to help support our conscious steps forward in our lives and combines two powerful and complimentary modalities, we’d love for you to come along to the next sessions! Are you interested? If so, let me know.

So people, this summer is going to be very transformative, explosive and powerful (!) Are you ready? Sounds full on but without getting too deep into the astrology of it, there are three eclipses, Venus opposing Mars, Saturn in Capricorn to name a few aspects - so exciting but intense times!! The volcanoes began to blow earlier this year and there are erupting energies coming up that need an outlet! So hold onto your hat!

New Moon.jpg

Every calendar year has a minimum of four eclipses – two solar and two lunar. More rarely, we can have 5, 6 or a maximum of 7 eclipses in one year. The Total Lunar Eclipse occurs on Friday 27th July but it will only be fully visible in the southern hemisphere. This animation shows where you will be able to see it if you happen to be the zone.

These energies affect us whether we are ‘in tune’ or not, just like the weather, but if we can get a heads up and deal with the energy in a more conscious way than we may have done in the past, then we are more prepared for the changes that are occurring.

Self discipline, practise & changing the way we look at things or learning to listen more deeply in an anchored way is a good place to start. There are times to be wild & times to be grounded.

So hold tight dear friends and if you would like to tune in a bit more with these energies, please come along to my next Sound Harmonisation on July 11th @ Evolve Wellness Centre.

Lets welcome in this powerful summer of growth and evolution!

See you soon very soon

Love Tracie x