Chi is energy


The vital force of life in the Universe.

Chi travels from the stars, planets and nature through the subtle bodies and animates the physical plane. When we work with Chi and feel its energy running through our physical and subtle bodies, we know from experience the substance of the Universe. We realize that this spirit flows through us physically and permanently. As we develop our own energy, we form a link to the greater parts of ourselves.

The Tao Yin Fa Series empowers the Chi of the organs by stretching the twelve acupuncture meridians, the class includes breath work and mudras, as well as the inner work of sound and colour at the consciousness level. The synthesis of the colour, movement and sound wakes up and redirects Chi within the body.

The Qi Gong class helps you to activate your energy portals by bringing more Qi/Chi to your meridians, organs & more life into your energy system. 

The Tama-Do Tao Yin Fa Series I empowers the Chi of the organs by stretching the twelve acupuncture meridians using a unique sound, the associated element and a colour visualisation for each organ.



During the Qi Gong classes we combine movements on the physical up to the spiritual level using the Tao Yin Fa series which is divinely inspired yet grounded in Chinese Medicine and the 5 element theory and honors the Master's Lineage of Sensei Ueshiba and Sensei Nakazono who trained Fabien Maman of the Tama Do Academy. The class is easily accessible and immensely beneficial and at the most basic level helps one to ground in daily life. Meditation will also be a part of the class as well as elements of mantra - particularly ancient Tibetan mantras which help to empower our organs with voice and chi.


Weekly classes over a period of 6 weeks in Brighton & London throughout the year. 

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Images provided by Tracie Storey. All rights reserved.

Taken at The Joshua Tree, California, USA.