Services - One to One Sessions

Elemental Resonance helps you to connect to a more healthy, balanced and harmonious space using a varied set of techniques and practices. The sessions are tailor made using a combination of grounded techniques from sound and colour to meditation.

In the form of the following individual treatments, group sessions, weekend workshops or regular classes: 

- Vibrational Sound Therapy One to One Session

- Sound Acupuncture (Tama-Do Technique)

- Group Sound Harmonisations

- Activate your Inner Vision - Sound Activations.

- Qi Gong Classes & Workshops

- One to one Cosmic Chord sessions*

Techniques Offered

- Shu Points (Tuning Forks on Acupuncture Command Points)

- Musical Spine (Tuning Forks on the central axis)

- TEP (Tama-Do Extra-Points)

- 8 Qi Mo (Tuning Forks on the Subtle Body Command Points)

- Self Healing with colour silks and essences

- Tao Yin Fa Series I & II Qi Gong Sessions (Fabien Maman Techniques)

*Astrology incorporated into the sessions


What tools are used in each session?


Tama-Do Sound Therapy

The Sound therapy uses 12 Classical Tuning forks made from the highest quality of Stainless Steel. Precisely calibrated and tuned to the chromatic scale of the piano. The tuning of the forks gives a deeper and longer lasting resonance on the physical body. 

The 12 notes of the forks match the 12 main organs of Chinese medicine and acupuncture. The Tama-Do techniques use musical intervals to empower the acupuncture points, organs, chakras and subtle command points. By working with sound intervals we are working within a mathematical relationship and it’s within this relationship ‘between the two notes’ where sound healing can occur.




Colour Therapy & Essences

There is a harmonious relationship between Sound and Colour. Sound is measured in vibrations of air (compression) and colour is measured in electromagnetic frequency. Colour frequencies are much higher than sound frequencies approximately 40 octaves higher and it is for this reason that they have such an effective relationship. The colour helps to transform and anchor the sound deeper in the physical body.








The seed of the spiritual is rooted in the physical. When practicing Qi Gong such as Tao Yin Fa, the inner movement of your body mirrors the movement of the Universe, producing a fusion which allows you to step into your Soul.Fabien Maman (Tama-Do Founder)

 Empower your organs, meridians and chakras by practising Qi Gong everyday. The exercises help you to work on a daily balance, strength and connect you with your own natural life force: Qi. Conscious movement is essential to ground healing energies in your body, regular practise enables you to strengthen and fortify both your physical and subtle bodies.



Colour is used in three ways:

The Colour Light Wheel is a 13 colour light pen (based on the significant colour research by light therapist 'Dinshah Ghadiali') and used on the acupuncture meridian points to re-balance the subtle energy field around the body.

The Tama-Do Colour essences are made from Alpine and high grade organic essential oils from France. Harvested during the full moon these essences have a magical high vibrational quality and are used to harmonise and clear the auric field.

In addition to the essence, colour silks are used on the subtle energy fields. These beautiful scarves are made from fine quality silk and represent the energetic frequencies of the rainbow. We have a natural resonance with certain colours and the silks allow us to connect with the colours which nourish us and we can absorb the colour like nectar.

The combination of sound and colour help us to transform and return back to a more harmonious, natural state of being.




What are the benefits of ONE TO ONE SESSIONS?


-      The sessions help to reduce stress and anxiety on emotional and mental levels

-       They bring individuals into a state of deep peace and awareness

-  The calibrated tuning forks are used instead of needles and the treatments are non-invasive

-  The treatments offer deep relaxation, release tension, reduce stress, relieve pain in stiff joints, nourish the organs, address ailments, release blockages and stagnant chi along the meridians.

-  The benefits of using sound result in a purification and detoxification of energy within the body and in the subtle energy fields.

-  Shift deep roots inherent/fundamental patterns


Tracie is available for one to one private sessions by appointment @ Triyoga in Shoreditch & Evolve in South Kensington.

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