Client Testimonials


“Thank you so much for last Sunday's session  - it as much appreciated and a beautiful experience. I liked the venue and feel of it. It would be great f you could make these regular events and perhaps even create a whole morning or afternoon workshop.”

- Alison Moitysee

Yoga Of Sound - w/Clive Fogelman



“With heart, patience and resonance... Tracie’s treatment felt like being bathed in harmony and warmth. I can highly recommend her to anyone looking to connect to ones inner body.”

- Catharine Haitzmann



“Thanks both - Sunday's session was really lovely. You both have a great calming energy about you and I left feeling light and buoyant. I look forward to future sessions like that!”

- Pedram Parasmand

Educator, Leadership Coach & Experience Engineer



“It was a wonderful session, very relaxing and the subtle sounds and postures took me to a very deep healing space. Look forward to the harmonization next week too.”

- George Fogel Yoga Of Sound

w/Clive Fogelman



“Imagine an angel embracing your soul and your body with a compassionate old knowledge and the powerful tools of colour and sound... so accurate that they reach right to your weaker parts that need to be restored and healed. Tracie is a great healer. In 2 sessions I felt such relief! Grounded and joyful! Tracie knows how to connect you to your inner sun and power. So happy to have her in my life!”

- Soad Benkirane

Biochemist and naturopath, Montreal, Canada.



“I have had two treatments from Tracie over the last few weeks and I can only say that my experience is that the effect is deeply relaxing and healing.  Tracie approaches things quietly, gently and reverently and the overall effect is profound and has helped me on my recent path. I very much recommend that you try it.”

- Sharifin Gardner


 “Tracie is beautifully gifted, the sessions are gentle yet create a deep effect of well being and insight - a real treat!”

- Lili Simmonson


"Tracie creates a safe space for journeying and enjoying the sound with the different inputs creating an interesting range of responses. Her approach is attentive and generous"

- Tim Flemming


"I had never had a sound healing session before but as a musician I was well aware of how harmonising sound can be. Tracie created a beautifully calm, inviting atmosphere and explained how the process worked before letting me relax on the massage bed. During the session I felt deeply relaxed, better than asleep. Several times when the tuning forks were being applied I felt rushes of energy up and down the meridians in my body. When the session had finished Tracie told me that the two notes she had used were E and A - the keys I most like to play and compose songs in. I found the whole process very insightful into where I was at with my health and mind at that time, and felt rejuvenated afterwards."

- Medina Whiteman