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Vibrational Sound - Colour Therapy - Conscious Events

  • Tune in to your authentic elemental resonance.


  • Reconnect with your deeper resources of energy, confidence and purpose.


  • Shift to healthier more balanced & fulfilling relationships.



If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.
— Nikola Tesla

 Free 'Inner Universe' Meditation

It's a new year, and with it comes new energy, it's the perfect time to re-focus and refresh and decide anew what is right for you.
I recorded this special 'inner universe' meditation with a friend using healing sounds and positive visualisation, it's the perfect way to start the year as you mean to go on.
May it help you to connect with your inner peace and inner universe.

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 After listening to your needs (mind, body and spirit) and consciously combining the most effective techniques for you, we can sensitively balance your 5 elements to develop a clearer connection with your inner self and revitalize your own natural and autonomous state.


 The group sessions shine light on your intentions, helping you reveal the keys to unravel your own vision. The elements of co-creation within the group helps deepen your awareness to create a foundation for personal growth.





Individual 1h Sessions

  • Tama-Do Vibrational Therapy

  • Sound Acupuncture (Tama-Do Technique)

  • Shu Points (Tama-Do Technique)

  • Musical Spine (Tama-Do Technique)

  • TEP (Tama-Do Extra-Points)

  • 8 Qi Mo (Tuning Forks on the Subtle Body Command Points)

  • Meditation Techniques


1 to 5 hours group sessions

  • Tama-Do Sound Harmonisations

  • Qi Gong Classes & Workshops

  • Tao Yin Fa Series I & II Qi Gong Sessions (Movement for Health & Vitality)

  • Tama-Do Cosmic Chord Astrology Sessions

  • Colour Meditation Classes


Weekend Workshops

  • Elemental Resonance conscious events

  • Mantra, Meditation and Mandala Sessions

  • Awakening the wisdom of the Divine Feminine Workshop

  • Chakra Activation Workshop

  • Tama-Do 'Tao Of Sound' Workshop



'10 Sui'

Tracie is a vibrational sound therapist, teacher of Qi Gong, she hosts sound meditation classes & workshops worldwide. She is a conscious event producer and former international professional DJ. 







Studies & Qualifications

2018 - Tan Tien Qi Gong & Wisdom Qi Gong of the Five Elements with Master Mantak Chia - London.

2017 - Shamanism of the Light Course - Tama-Do Academy - Grindelwald, Switzerland

2017 - Inner Alchemy Astrology - Essence of the Elements with Master Mantak Chia - London

2016 - Shamanism of the Light Course - Tama-Do Academy - United Kingdom

2016 - Teacher Training - Tama-Do Academy - Fafleralp, Switzerland

2016 - Lectures for AcuMedic, London’s flagship centre for acupuncture & herbal medicine. UK.

2015 - Shamanism of the Light Advanced Course - Tama-Do Academy - Scotland, UK.

2015 - Music Of The Sky - Master Class - Tama-Do Academy - Malibu, USA

2015 - The Sephirotic Tree - Master Class - Tama-Do Academy - Malibu, USA

2015 - Qi Gong Tao Yin Fa Instructor qualification - Malibu USA

2014 - Level II, Sound, Colour & Movement Tama-Do Practitioner Course, Kiental, Switzerland.

2014 - Shamanism of the Light Course - Tama-Do Academy - Grindelwald, Switzerland

2014 - Tree of Life & Magic Potions Course - Tama-Do Academy - UK

2013 - Level 1 Sound, Colour & Movement Tama-Do Practitioner Course, Kiental, Switzerland.

2012 - Tama-Do Shu Points, Colour, 8 Qi Mo Modules, Market Harborough, UK.

2012 - CEO and Owner of Sui-Shi Domes Ltd, Events and Bespoke Structures company. UK

2011 - Advanced Bio Resonance Vibrational Medicine Course - Peter Goldman - Atman Academy, UK

2011 - Foundation Bio Resonance Vibrational Medicine Practitioner Course - Peter Goldman - Atman Academy. UK

2010 - Leadership Workshop - Institute of Contemporary Arts, ICA, London. UK

2010 - Cert Ed/PGCE - Professional Certificate in Education. University of Westminster, London, UK.

2007 - 2012 London School of Sound - Head Music Tutor DJ 101 & DJ108 - Music Theory Tutor. UK

2005 - NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner Training - Birbeck University of London, UK.



“The nitrogen in our DNA, the calcium in our teeth, the iron in our blood, the carbon in our apple pies were made in the interiors of collapsing stars. We are made of starstuff.
— Carl Sagan, Cosmos