What is Elemental Resonance?


Elemental Resonance is a platform for restorative vibrational sound healing, colour and movement therapy, conscious event & workshops.

Based on TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) we work with the five elements: Fire, Earth, Air, Water and Wood - found externally in the natural world and also internally within our own physical bodies. 

Elemental Resonance can help you to become more aware of these elements in your own inner universe and how to activate and sedate these elements to find your own natural balance.

When we are 'out of tune' – we feel less shiny, more fatigued and withdrawn. When we are 'in tune’ we are full of life, have more energy and live in a more natural balanced state.



These sound vibrational therapies are subtle, healing and suitable for everyone. The one to one treatments are deeply transformative and restorative, helping to reconnect you to deeper resources of energy, confidence and purpose. By clearing the obstacles that might be standing in the way of you becoming a grander version of yourself. 

Imagine a guitar which has one string out of tune. By tuning this particular string the music suddenly resonates, is more harmonious and much more active.

Being in resonance means being in harmony and having more dialogue between all parts of yourself. By learning to develop more of a connection with your deep self, what we need to be happy becomes much clearer.

Elemental Resonance provides a number of classes, retreats and workshops which treat your whole being as an instrument. The treatments are offered on a one to one basis or group basis offering techniques which help to ground and revitalize you.

Tama-Do techniques are key to the modalities which Tracie offers. Using stainless steel tuning forks on the major acupuncture meridian points, together with colour therapy, the sound vibrations travel down the meridians to work on the body at cellular level. These effective tools can be used to dissolve negative energy patterns and enhance healing and harmony. 

If you would like to discover more, Tracie would be honoured to facilitate your journey.

This may be your step towards a deeper more fulfilling life!




Tracie Storey’s full spectrum approach to sound and vibrational healing has spanned an eclectic 20 years. Myriad approaches including Tama-Do, Vibrational Sound and Colour Therapy and Qi Gong lessons which are all key nodes in her practice. As a practitioner her sessions are instinctively tuned to the individual client ensuring that the most suitable healing modalities are offered. As a lecturer and workshop lead her skills stretch beyond the treatment room to include immersive group sound harmonisations and meditation classes. 

In July 2014 Tracie qualified as a Tama-Do practitioner. Finding Tama-Do was evolutionary to her musical journey. This form of vibrational therapy transformed her way of working and through the work and research of Tama-Do Founder Fabien Maman, she learned more deeply about the healing power of sound, the teachings of Kototama, Astrology, the Sephirotic Tree and much more. Tama-do has been one of the primary inspirations behind her platform of Elemental Resonance. 

Tracie’s foundation was established in the 90s exploring the transformative power of dance culture as a professional Dj and producer. She travelled extensively throughout Europe and America as the UK’s leading Lady of Breaks and then carved her niche in her own style of deep electronica and techno. This experience offered insight into the healing power of sound and technology inspiring her to embrace sound and vibrational healing as a life calling by searching out new teachers, mentors and training.